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It will rise again

Saint Petersburg, July 2020

The legendary action of art group “Voina” on the Liteyny bridge was created exactly 10 years and a month ago. For me, this work is one of the most important works in Russian art over the last 100 years. Why? It is the different discussion about radicalism, courage and delicate work with context. In general, actionists have a very tough job, because their activities create points of reference for the history of art. They put other artists in the situation of compromise, the situation before and after. But they are paying big price for it: mass condemnation, persecution, legal proceedings. Today, it is impossible to imagine an action of such scale and audacity. Whether the political situation is so tough, whether it is hard to beat previous achievements. I want to believe that everything is ahead for us, that “it will rise again”. But there are some doubts.