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An exhibition for future generations

Baku, Azerbaijan, 2017

The idea of a journey through time has been inspiring humanity for a long while. The time capsules buried in 1967 have revealed how childlike and naive our looking to the future can be. History can’t be realized as joyfully as we imagine it. Living in the times described by sci-fi writers we don’t have flying cars and haven’t colonized Mars yet – not even the Moon. I do not want to repeat the mistake of the Soviet pioneers, who believed in the victory of communism. I don’t put any hopes into our future generations, and rather accept the idea that humanity may fall into regression. Therefore, today I choose the most primitive images and the most primitive material to transform symbols and icons of the present into ancient artefacts. Sandstone has delivered us information about ancient civilisations across millennia, and will introduce people of the future to the history of our times.