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An exhibition for future generations

The idea of a journey, or at least some missive through time has been inspiring humanity for a long while. The time capsules buried in 1967 to be unsealed at the Revolution’s centenary have revealed how childlike and naive contemporaries’ take on the future could be, idealising it, portraying future descendants as more evolved and human, causing an artless impulse to share the labours of present-day reality with them. The history never unveils itself as joyously as we want to imagine, and living in the times depicted by last century sci-fi writers we do not pilot flying cars and have not yet colonised Mars – not even the Moon. I do not want to repeat the same mistake as the Soviet pioneers convinced in the imminent supreme reign of Communism. I am reluctant to put any hopes into or entrust any mission to our future generations, and rather accept the idea that humanity may well fall into regression. Therefore today to convey my missive to the descendants I choose the most primitive images and the most primitive and, simultaneously, reliable primordial material to carry them. Sandstone has delivered us data about ancient civilisations across millennia, and will introduce people of the future to the super fast and virtual history of our times.
On the ground floor symbols and icons of the present transform into ancient artefacts.
The second floor contains the author’s mythologisation, as the attempt to insert their name into the global chronicles is one of fundamental ambitions of every artist. But making contemporary history no longer seems possible to me. One can only take a leap to immortality and become a fossil through the past. Mystification then appears common practice and not cheating. There hardly exists a chronicle of any land that has not been tampered with, for “Who controls the past controls the future”.
The third floor is dedicated to the endless conversation history represented by the primitive pictorial writing of modern man as the ultimate body of history that we will leave behind.
This exhibition is addressed to you, future generations!