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Waiting Room 2

2nd Triennial of Russian contemporary art, Moscow, Garage Museum, September 2020

Time is a key concept in philosophy and physics. Time permeates the entire universe and concerns everybody without exception; time is a prerequisite for the creation and modification of anything. We live in the era of a certain time and analyze its characteristics. Even the phrase “contemporary art” has a reference to time, to the actual continuity of a particular conversation. But at the same time it can be extremely difficult to reflect. Reading this text, we waste time. But from the very wording “wasting time” follows that we take time quantitively, but not qualitatively.
In the “Waiting room” project, I tried to capture time, to model a situation where it will be taken for granted. The key to this “pure” perception of time is waiting. Waiting time is a blank, intermediate time and due to its emptiness, it is felt by itself. Waiting is at the same time a stressful factor that I want to get rid of, but also the opportunity to be alone with yourself, the opportunity to take a break, in this key I see the positive role of expectations.
Technically, the “Waiting room” is a room with a video screen. Before entering the viewer can choose one of the eight expectations, then go into the hall and start waiting. You can wait as long as you like. Mediators do not allow new visitors until the previous one will leave the hall. So, in the “Waiting room” can be stuck all day until the museum closes. Sort of a temporary oasis for all who lack time.