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Waiting Room 2

2nd Triennial of Russian contemporary art, Moscow, Garage Museum, 2020

Time is a key concept in philosophy and physics. Time permeates the entire universe and concerns everybody without exception. We live in the era of a specific time and we can analyze its characteristics. Even the phrase “contemporary art” has a reference to time, to current discourse and issues. But it can be extremely difficult to reflect time. For example, we waste time reading this text and it means that we perceive time quantitively, but not qualitatively
In the “Waiting room” project, I tried to capture time, to model a situation where it will be taken for granted. Waiting is the key to this pure perception of time. Process of waiting is a blank, interim time and due to its emptiness, it can be felt by itself. At the same time, waiting is a stressful factor that we want to get rid of and the opportunity to be on your own, to take a break. I think it is the positive effect of waiting.
Technically, the “Waiting room” is a room with video screen. Before entering the viewer can choose one of eight waitings on the display. It is allowed to stay inside as long as you want, but there is one strict rule. The room can be occupied only by one person at a time. So, it is some sort of oasis for those who don’t have enough time.