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The plane of thinking

Saint Petersburg, Street Art Museum, May 2019

Identifying ourselves with different political or social movements that contain the images of the enemy, we inevitably build borders. But where is that boundary, where «inside» becomes «outside» and «yours’» becomes «others’»? Every division (of political, ideological or external signs) is conditional and based only on point of view. The attitude respecting the barricades is determined only by the thought pattern. There’s no need to cross the border to get on the other side.
The work represents an outdoor fence made of corrugated steel «folded up» in Mobius strip. The figure, which in spite of the volume has only one side.
Thus, the artist invites the viewer to look at the convention of any boundaries, which are possible only on the plane, or rather in a flat thinking. The viewers are able to select their position over the fence by the effort of thought, and simultaneously be inside and outside of the construction.