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Saint Petersburg, 2018

It is known that in the beginning graffiti tags were used by writers for marking their territory. The amount of tags and its prevalence are still very important for each graffiti artist.
This work is the painted white circle surrounded with the graffiti that were made by the writers from Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Yekaterinburg. In the middle of the circle is the huge hashtag sign. With mobile application “Where you AR” viewers can fight against each other or against computers in the analogue of the tic-tac-toe game. Real artists’ tags are used as marks in the game. The goal of the game is to be first in making the line of three tags and to capture the space of the facade.

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Programming: Philipp Guzeev
Support: Petr Null, Vadim Rybkin
Video: Ilya Davydov, Vladimir Abikh
Graffiti: Space (DNK), Devil (DNK), Dusto Турбо (Той Блуд), Aroe (ATAS), Heato (Norte Locos), Super (158), Sneksy (RNG), Isostar (MOW), Geka (MDT), Sage (DSC)