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Wall painting, augmented reality application
Street art festival «Chilim», Astrakhan, September 2018

Gradually we are becoming more and more immersed from the real world to the virtual, work in it, creating intangible goods and services, chat, meet and break up. And the main measure of success in this world is the number of likes. «Likes» are converted to real money and goods, self-esteem as well as the importance of world events depend on the number of «likes. «Likes» – the main symbol of the beginning of the 21st century. With its number of repeats it gave the dust to swastika, cross and even the sign of the dollar combined. Only on The Facebook more than three million likes are given every minute. Public approval and the thirst for popularity became the main obsession of our time. But you can’t please everyone.
The work consists of a wall painting and augmented reality application «where you AR» by which the picture comes to life. The likes are continuously moving over the surface of a Mobius strip, and gradually become dislikes.

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Programming: Philipp Guzeev